Emergency Call Systems

In an emergency, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. You need to know where the person is now, not where they were two minutes ago. The system shows the precise location of individuals in real-time—you know exactly who to look for, and exactly where to look. It can even track their movements after they’ve called for help, so that assistance can be directed to the right location.

Here’s how the system works. Each individual requiring protection carries a small radio frequency tag. Rooms and hallways contain wireless electronic location markers. As the person moves about your facility, his or her location is automatically transmitted to a central controller, via a network of readers installed out of view above the ceiling. In an emergency, the individual simply presses the Panic button on the top of the tag. The system immediately generates an alarm giving all the information you need to respond: the individual, the time and the exact location.

Industry Applications:

Hospitals/Healthcare | Schools/Education | Nursing Homes/Patient Care | Government | Correctional Facilities


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