Life Line/Nurse Call Systems

Our Nurse Call Systems were developed for hospitals and health care facilities with a goal to deliver quality patient care. For the nurse, easy-to-use operations with flexible communication and automatic call routing.

For the biomedical staff, simplified wiring and modular design with built in self-diagnostics for ease of maintenance and expansion. For the nurse manager, simplicity of use with staff locating and management software for analyzing important information. For the patient, fast response and peace of mind.

Industry Applications:

Hospitals/Healthcare |Nursing Homes/Patient Care

How can a hospital distribute alerts from monitors and other bedside equipment to mobile CCU staff, while simultaneously minimizing noise pollution and the risk of ‘alarm fatigue’? The challenge is that staff require timely patient data and alerts. But too many clinically insignificant alerts—particularly at night—impact staff, and can compromise patient well-being. One possible way forward is intelligent alert notification management that filters the flow of alerts to frontline staff.

Peace and quiet—a rare remedy in modern Healthcare? Nurses and other caregivers are constantly on the go. But all too often the information they need isn’t. Instead, it’s inaccessible or stationary: inside a desktop PC, written in a journal, inside a colleague’s head. Making this information accessible can help improve workflow efficiency, and can contribute to better patient satisfaction.

Healthcare is the ultimate team activity. But to work, each team member—from lab technicians to porters to nurses—needs access to up-to-date patient and treatment data. Ascom Patient Care Share solutions make data flow secure and easy, while building on the infrastructure you already have.

Workplace violence against nurses and other frontline caregivers is a growing and global problem. But how can we better protect vulnerable Healthcare workers? And how can we do it while still facilitating essential face-to-face contact?

Rapid Response Teams (RRT) have revolutionized acute care. But getting the right people and equipment to an emergency requires sophisticated technology. Manual alerts and interventions just aren’t quick and flexible enough. What’s needed are automated alerts—messages sent directly to RRT members, and routed to other members if the user is busy.


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